Contest Winner | Tucson Family Portrait Photography2012.09.12

A while back I hosted a "tell your story" contest. I love hearing the history behind a person. What drew me to this entry was the mother's story of the recent passing of her father. Her parents had been divorced for the past 24 years and they hadn't always been in close contact with him. As they gathered to go through their father's things they were surprised to find that in his stuff were all of the family pictures and individual photos that they had sent him for the past 24 years. She didn't know if he had even cared about the pictures. That was a true treasure for her and her children to realize those had meant something to him. Now that her father is gone she is thankful she has pictures of him to remember him by. I was also drawn to the little extra she added to her note that no matter what her current size or whether it's a snapshot or professional they are sure to get a Christmas picture each year. What matters far beyond your present size or assessment of current photo worthiness are the memories those pictures hold.


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