Boys | Tucson Family Photographer2012.07.19

We're back and I thought I'd give Mom a sneak peek of this session. Sometimes with all boys a photography session can feel like a whole lot of chaos. I always try to reassure Mom that it turns out better than you think. Boys are busy little humans but that's what makes them fun. What a beautiful family! Enjoy your peek.  



Why do boys have to be so crazy??? Do you just chase them around until they hold still for one second? I find that it is almost impossible to get them to hold still and smile for one second! You are amazing how you get them to do both!


Oh Ashlie, I love these so much. Thank you thank you thank you.


Ashlie, we're new to Tucson and are looking to get some family pictures done. We love the setting of these pictures! Thus far we haven't been able to find a location that's not full of cactus and desert and we weren't into the idea of a typical park. This setting is exactly what we had in mind. Could you please share where these were taken? Or if you had any suggestions that would be great as well. Thank you so much!

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